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The Way Forward

The understanding that we are in uncharted waters with this fight for freedom is one that most of us never thought would be something that we would do in our life time. I can assure you that the Health Freedom Defense Fund, Davillier Law Group, and JW Howard Attorneys are heavily invested in our lawsuit. The founding members of FEFF have been in constant communications with our partners. They have assured that they are fighting for the truth, and the freedom of the plaintiffs and to a greater extent, the country. The world is watching America, the last true shining light of freedom in the world. Making the choice to stand for what you believe in is imperative in ensuring that this country remains a beacon of hope. We have been told what to do, where we are allowed to go, and who we are allowed to see for nearly 2 years now. Unfortunately it took hundreds of thousands of people potentially loosing their livelihoods to make a stand. Now is the time to voice your beliefs, stand true to your convictions, protect your rights and the rights of future generations. We need to understand we are at the pinnacle, if we stay silent, they will continue to dismantle the foundation that this country was created on. It started with 2 weeks to flatten the curve, then masks to lessen the spread, then lockdowns, then vaccines to protect you from the virus, then vaccines to lessen the symptoms, then vaccine or loose your job, what's next? Show your papers to feed your family? To visit your loved ones? They have already shown that they are willing to remove your ability to work and be a responsible adult. I urge every single person that is reading this to continue to promote this cause. I have nothing but respect for each and every one of you who is standing for your conviction. Now is the time to forge our way into history saying that we stand together to ensure that freedom for ALL is maintained. On Gods path; we move forward.

Respectfully, Andrew

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