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Stepping out of your comfort zone.

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We all like to be comfortable. Air conditioning, heat, a bed, money in the bank, these are all the comforts we rely on to ensure out "happiness". What if that isn't happiness, what if that is slavery to a time that is quickly slipping away? I think the old world, the way we used to do things is no more. If we look at the geopolitical landscape it is easy to see that this is in many ways; true. We have moved past the niceties of day to day life and moved to polarization on literally all aspects of life. If freedom is your edict, you need to recognize this reality. Life is only going to get more difficult, and the quicker you realize that, the easier the transition will be. This is not a pessimistic viewpoint, rather it's a realist viewpoint. I believe that once the storm has weathered, life will be better. The idea of being a part of a greater good is to help that transition along at an even keeled pace. I think that a collective of like minded individuals will perpetuate that end state. The goal of the FEFF is not just medical freedom, but awakening people to the greater tragedy that has been bestowed upon the American populace. The people are under attack, we have been for a very long time. I implore anyone who is a part of FEFF to promulgate the message of freedom to his or her fellow American at every opportunity possible. This isn't only about medical freedom, but the core value of freedom at large. We have a calling that is no different than our forefathers. The perseverance of liberty. Our God given right of freedom. Please continue to promote our organization as we go forward. No one is coming to save us, it is up to us.


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