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Not so updated update

One of the members asked for an update, and unfortunately at this point we don't have one. Leslie, (HFDF) inquired with our legal counsel last week, however we have not received a response other than remaining in hold. I believe we are still waiting on the 5 circuit to rule in response to the F4MF case. When I last communicated with Marcus Thornton, he stated that F4MF was awaiting ruling, and more than likely it would be a prolonged response. This still leaves us with questions on what the outcome will be, however as FEFF has stated, we will have our day in court. To refresh everyone, we requested a jury trial, not a judge ruling. Even if the F4MF case fails in permanent injunction, FEFFs legal counsel will push for immediate relief and push forward with our argument. Frustrating doesn't explain the feeling, as it seems like an insurmountable fight. I personally feel the same amount of frustration as all of our membership. I can only say this, you all have been the rock in this fight, and I am personally grateful to hold the line with all of you. Faith in our cause is what we have, and we need to remember that we are the ones paving the way for the future of medical liberty. God bless you all.


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