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💥💥💥💥BREAKING💥💥💥💥 Vax Mandate canceled for Service Members.

In a memorandum from the SECDEF dated for today, rescission of the vax mandate has been issued and all separation based solely off of SARS CoV19 shall be stopped. The SECDEF, who has been caught red handed making money off of his ties to Big Pharma, got his pee pee slapped by congressional members because he originally didn't rescind the mandate for ALL members. Honestly, this is a day late and a buck short. Once again the people of the US have been subverted by shit head lawmakers, and assholes like SECDEF Austin, who belive they can operate outside the confines of the constitution. No quarter for these scum. The military has lost fabulous leaders and Service Members because they were treated like numbers and not humans, who have rights. You may say, but this is a win!! Yes, a small win in a never ending conflict between holier than though politicians and the people. I for one, will continue to speak out against the travesty that has become the military, specifically the Officer Corps. All Officers and NCOs who wanted to be cute and push to destroy the lives of enlisted/officers over a vaccine should be tried for crimes against humanity. I'm sorry, but them getting out of this by rescinded it isn't enough. I want blood, and maybe thats not godly of me, but its hard to not want to see them pay. As mil civilians, I have not heard anything more about rescinding the mandate, however I'm sure it's not far away. It doesn't matter at this point, the precedence has been set.

Do Not Comply


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